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Discover authentic Indian food at Indian Restaurant Gandhi, one of the best Indiase restaurants bij Amsterdam Centraal Station. Visit us today & experience yourself!

If you are a fan of authentic Indian cuisine, you are in luck! You can find several Indiase restaurants bij Amsterdam Centraal Station that offer a […]
Indiaas Restaurant in Amsterdam

Indiaas Restaurant in Amsterdam- Serving Authentic Indian Food

  Are you craving some delicious and authentic Indian food in Amsterdam? Look no further than Indian Restaurant Gandhi. Located in the heart of Amsterdam, IRG […]
Halal Indian Restaurant In The Heart Of Amsterdam

Halal Indian Restaurant In The Heart Of Amsterdam

  When it comes to dining out in Amsterdam, Indian Restaurant Gandhi offers a unique and delicious option for those who are looking for halal Indian […]
Indian Gandhi Restaurant

What does It Take To Be A Good Indian Restaurant In Amsterdam?

You might think that Indian restaurants all have pretty much the same menu and offer the same quality, right? That’s not the case, though. Some establishments […]
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The Best Indian Restaurant Near Madame Tussauds Amsterdam

When you think of Amsterdam, do you think of cheese, chocolate and the famous Van Gogh? Maybe. But we at the Indian Gandhi restaurant near Madame […]
Indian Restaurant Gandhi

Your Must-Visit Halal Indian Restaurant In Amsterdam

Are you thinking about visiting Amsterdam or are you already a local but concerned about the availability of halal food there? No more worries! With Islam […]
Halal Indian Restaurant

Get The Best Of Indo-English Blend Dishes & Indian Takeaway In Amsterdam

The Indian Restaurant Gandhi has been cooking a variety of Indian-English combination foods, such as Dal Soup, Tandoori Chicken, Chicken Tikka Massala, Lamb Meat Massala, Mixed […]
Best Indian Restaurants To Fulfill Your Cravings In Amsterdam

Best Indian Restaurants To Fulfill Your Cravings In Amsterdam

A European treasure and considered one of the most beautiful places on earth in Amsterdam. Travelers adore visiting new places to experience their rich cultural history, […]

Savor The Excellent Culinary Experience Of Indian Takeaway

The delicious Indian takeaway is in your hands, and you shouldn’t pass up the opportunity to dig your teeth into it.. The fact is you may […]