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Best Indian Restaurant For Drinks in Amsterdam City Centre

Indian Restaurant Gandhi had opened after refurbishment by last Saturday that was 24th March and our team hope that you are liking the refreshed make over of our place. Now opening timings are same as before “Monday to Thursday 12:00 -24:00” and “Friday to Sunday 12:00-3:00 (Next Morning)”.

I hope you all are aware of our precised location that is just 7 minutes walk from Amsterdam Central. We are situated in the heart of Amsterdam City and serving with the most pleasant Indian cuisines to the visitors. We hope you got overwhelmed by the taste of food that is prepared by our the best cook with perfect ingredients.

best bar restaurant in amsterdam

Our menu includes both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes however halal food is also included in our platters. Therefore, you can enjoy all flavours of Asian food at one place. Our management team always inspects the food before served and keep the eye on preparing method so that there can be no flaws when we are serving our the best food to visitors.

Late Night Drinks in The Restaurant

However we also include a special bar in our restaurant. You can check our drink menu listed on our website. Consequently, you can rely on us for delighting the best weekends including Friday even till the late night as we offer the most flexible timings.

Our Drank Menu includes various kinds of beers, liquers, wines and distilled drinks. Contradictly, we also offer soft drinks, special Indian drinks (lassie), coffee and tea.

Have a rapid look on main specialties included in our drink menu:

Special Indian Drinks:

  • Lassie Sweet (Made with Yogurt and Rose water)
  • Lassie Salty
  • Mango Lassie (Brewed with Yogurt and Mango)

  • Masala Tea

Red Wines:

  • Burgundy

  • House Wine


  • Indian Beer

  • Heinken Beer


  • Bacardi

  • Vodka

  • Whisky

gandhi restaurant bar

For finding out more offered food and drinks visit us soon. We always welcome you openhearted and make sure you response to our service by availing possible websites like TripAdvisor, Facebook etcetera.

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