Reckon The Fragrance By Fine Cooking

Reckon The Fragrance By Fine Cooking

Everybody likes the fragrance of food specially, the Indian food. There are few core spices that gives the unique fragrant that linger the days. Fine cooking reckons by its fragrance due to it consists a various ingredient and spices. Indian food is famous across all over the world due to use of plethora of herbs and spices. Also, rich in taste and is much more healthier than others.

Indian Dishes are Fragrant, Colorful and Scrumptious:

As we know, Indian food has variety of ingredients which are spread across the Indian subcontinents along with other countries. During cooking each and every time it has its own unique taste.

Why Indian dishes split fragrance across the kitchen?

Due to mixture of numbers of spices and flavored ingredients such as turmeric, garlic, ginger, onion, black mustard seeds, cardamom, cumin, and coriander. Indian spices are responsible for distinctive and delicious nature of Indian cuisine which stems from the unique blend of herbs and exotic flavors.

How dishes emit color?

There are two types of colouring that food have one is artificial and another is natural. Natural colors are better and usually it appears less. It doesn’t affect the taste of the dish. It gives a natural bright hue to our dishes like fruits & vegetables have their natural color due to plant pigments. Antioxidant property they consist.

There are three main colors that is are as follows:

  • Carotenoids: Orange & Yellow colored vegetables.
  • Flavonoids: Blue, Red & Cream color.
  • Chlorophyll: It makes Green.

Artificial color comes in many forms such as powder, liquids, and pastes. Coloring can be used in both cases in the commercial and in domestic cooking.

Why Indian food is so delicious?

It is the spices and ingredients that makes Indian food so delicious. Indian food is very healthy to eat as well. Its ingredients also work as medicine.

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