Why Indian Food Is So Delicious

Why Indian Food Is So Delicious?

A wide variety of mouth-watering spices play a key role in this dynamic Indian Cuisines. Its complex flavour pairings makes it so delicious. The labor-condensed food and its combination of spices is often than not a disclosure for those who sit down to eat it for the first time.

Even scientists are very curious to know about Indian food. Now, they have configured out that why Indian food is so good and what is the secret to their success.


Why Indian Food Is So Delicious


“There are number of shared flavour compounds between the two ingredients” researchers says. It is at the molecular level of ingredients that makes them different from other cuisines. On an average, each food ingredient cosists of over 50 flavor compounds in it. There is “A Nifty Chart” which is shared by Scientific American in 2003 shows that which food shares the most flavored compound. It also shows that which food fusion have the most flavored compounds in common.

The specialty about Indian ingredients is that when they mix together, then their flavors don’t overlap at all.

“Each of the spices is uniquely placed in its recipe to shape the flavor sharing pattern with rest of the ingredients,” researchers said. An average Indian dish contains at least 7 ingredients in it. They also have medicinal qualities.

The underlying idea of ‘you’re what you eat – you eat according to what you are’ follows the basic principle that one cannot stay well with unhealthy or unsuitable food. Chai is the favorite drink of Indians. It is the perfect antidote to stress.

Various reasons are:

  • Spices
  • Tradition
  • Variety
  • History
  • Health
  • Color
  • Experience

Indian is also renowned for exporting its wide variety of spices to all over the world. Also, traditional way of cooking is used to cook the food. Thats why Indian food gives so much tangent and delicious falvor. There is no doubt that Indian Cuisines stains more than any other cuisines.

Cook’s passion for cooking and love in preparing the dishes and serving them patiently is the reason which adds more to the food. Indian food is prepared with health in mind.

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