Do an don’t When You are in Restaurant

Do an don’t When You are in Restaurant

Everyone like to go in restaurant. Although the goal is to enjoy yourself no matter where you choose to dine, there are always those few select times where you have guests seated near you that are too noisy, impatient, and just all around distracting. Indian restaurant gandhi provide you some suggestion so you can enjoy more with your family and special one at the time of meal.

Be honest about your service:

If you having the good experience in the restaurant. Must share the details about that. And If you don’t have the good experience and you are not satisfied with the service you should speak up about all the things.

DON’T leave your used napkins on the table:

When you are in restaurant. After you finish your meal. you should never leave your napkins on the table. Worker are pickup all the thing in the table who are servicing you. So, become graceful and throw the napkins in the dustbin.

Tips according to the service:

You can also give the tips to the server. A good tips make the server’s day. Its define the service of the restaurant that you like or not. and also with the good tip you can appreciate their works.

Don’t use the phone:

When your in the restaurant with your family or special one. Don’t use your phone at the time of meal. It is very difficult to interact with someone who is busy with phone. Also, you shouldn’t enjoy the meal and never fun that place.

Interact with server:

Be kind with your server and asking question about the dishes and the famous dish of the restaurant. You can also create the eye contact with server. Server feel more comfortable and also they provide you the best experience.

Don’t rude with your server and be patient and wait for your turn. Also patiently wait for your drink and food. If you have any allergies with any ingredient which is include in the dish. You should ask politely, if this ingredient can be removed in this dish.

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