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Best Indian and Halal Cuisines At Gandhi Restaurant

Gandhi Restaurant is located at precise location which is just 7 minutes walking from the Central Station of Amsterdam. Our restaurant is the collaboration of best chefs, cooks, and professional staff. We are serving mouth-watering Indian dishes from over 25 years in Centrum, Amsterdam.

We are open for lunch and dinner seven days a week for quality dining from timings 12:00 PM to 12:00 AM in weekdays. However, In weekends, timings are from 12:00 PM to 3:00 AM. We serve Indian food cuisines as well as halal food in Amsterdam to Indian food lovers.


indian food cuisines at gandhi restaurant


Specialty of Indian Food:

India is known for its rich culture and norms which are reflected by its food and nature of people. Indian food is filled with delicious spicy and flavors. Indian dishes are made by creative and innovative cooks as they are passionate about their dishes to taste better.


Tandoori Chicken Special at Gandhi

Tandoori Chicken:

Whenever someone want to pace order of tandoori food, “Tandoori chicken” is the first dish which comes to every Indian’s mind whether they are North or South. Hence, this dish is eaten by all Indians.

At our place, Tandoori Chicken is spicy marinated and roasted on charcoal, additionally, it is garnished with onions, lemon wedges. It flavored like the tastier dish ever.

Chicken Tikka Tandoori:

It is a mouth-watering dish which is consumed by every Indian because it is meant to be “the king of all tikas”. Everyone loves the smoky flavor of barbecued chicken which is prepared by adding Indian Masalas, garlic, chilly, butter and cumin.

At our place additions to this cuisines are according to our guests. We do not overload the boneless chicken with ingredients but add a pinch of flavors of India and roasted on skewers in tandoori clay oven.

chicken tandoor


Halal Food Special at Gandhi from Tandoor

Sheekh Kabab

We also have special additions for Pakistani food lovers which includes the dish named as Sheekh Kabab. Sheekh Kabab, enriched with flavor and nutrition, is perfect as a appetizer for lunch and dinner.

In gandhi restaurant, kababs are made by miced lamb which are marinated with variety of spices and chillies, then roasted on skewers in tandoor.

Lamb Tikka

This dish will instantly stole your heart as lamb steaks are roasted on tandoor which are marinated with yogurt and spices. It is incredibly delicious and tender.


halal food


Hope you would like to join our place with friends or family to taste tremendously mouth-watering cuisines.

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